What We Repair


Ok let us elaborate. For us to repair a phone it has to meet 3 conditions. They are;

1. We are able to obtain good quality parts for it. We always strive to get OEM parts for any model phone but if they are not available we  will try to source premium quality parts.

2. If we believe the phone will fail later on down the track we will not repair the phone. If we see too much corrosion from water damage that has been left on the phone for to long we will not repair the phone. With every phone we will visually inspect the main board to see if a repair is worth while.

3. Cost. If the cost of repair is going to make it economically worthwhile then we will attempt to repair the phone.

We will work on any brand mobile phone. We can fix phones that have gone though a full cycle of a washing machine or even a Scuba divers phone who forgot it in his wetsuit with him on a 20 minute dive (You know who you are :)) We can fix speakers that no longer speak, to screens that are completely shattered. Battery replacements to broken charging ports. You name it, We fix it!